Purdue Polytechnic High Schools Enters New Agreement with South Bend Community School Corporation

SOUTH BEND, IN- (January 29, 2023)– Purdue Polytechnic High Schools is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the South Bend Community School Corporation (SBCSC), marking a significant milestone in enhancing the educational opportunities for students in the city of South Bend.

On Monday, Jan 22, 2024, in a significant move aimed at advancing educational opportunities and fostering collaboration, the South Bend Community School Board voted to establish a transformative partnership with Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS).

The agreement, termed an Innovation Agreement, underscores the commitment of both institutions to prioritize student success, paving the way for collaborative efforts to expand educational options and addressing the evolving needs of South Bend families while preserving autonomy in the educational services provided by PPHS. This groundbreaking decision puts PPHS South Bend under the umbrella of South Bend Community School Corporation (SBCSC), laying the foundation for a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship. 

This partnership will also allow PPHS South Bend to offer more diverse and innovative educational pathways to families and students. As a part of the SBCSC network, both communities will be able to support each other's strengths to promote academic excellence, growth, and success. This collaboration will help to build a strong foundation for the future of education in the region.

In reflecting on the groundbreaking partnership, Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings of SBCSC conveyed gratitude, stating, “This joint effort with Purdue Polytechnic High Schools represents a milestone in our commitment to providing diverse and innovative educational options for South Bend students. Through this collaboration, our shared goal is to continue building upon a robust foundation of academic excellence, fostering positive impacts on our community and beyond.”

PPHS South Bend has operated independently since its inception. However, with this new agreement, both institutions will collaborate closely to attract students to the district while sharing resources such as extracurricular activities and food services. 

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools is dedicated to collaborating with SBCSC to enhance educational standards and provide innovative learning opportunities for students. Keeanna Warren, Ph.D. CEO at PPHS said, "Together, we will focus on student success and create a brighter future for our community. I am excited about this new partnership, as it will increase opportunities for all students and families in the South Bend Community."

About Purdue Polytechnic High Schools: Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS) is a tuition-free educational institution dedicated to providing students with innovative, project-based learning experiences that prepare them for success in the modern world. Having opened its doors in 2017, the network operates four high schools across the state and accepts all students who are Indiana residents regardless of ability or background. Purdue Polytechnic High Schools is proud to partner with Purdue University to provide a unique pathway for students to the university. 

About South Bend Community School Corporation: South Bend Community School Corporation (SBCSC) is the largest public school system in St. Joseph County and one of the largest in the state of Indiana. Established in 1867, we are home to over 14,000 students and employ over 2,500 people. Our employees, families, and community partners instill a passion for lifelong learning, and by working together, we will maintain our focus on children, ensuring excellence, equality, ethics, and engagement for all of our children and their families.