Extra Curricular Activities

Beyond the classroom. Athletics, clubs and extra-curricular activities.

DeAnthony Carter loves to sing, so he worked with Purdue Polytechnic High School coaches to form a show choir club. Ever since, he and a group of his peers have been practicing, performing and fulfilling their passion for music.   

At PPHS, students are empowered not only to guide their academic journeys but are encouraged to take that same self-directed approach to create and energize their extra-curricular activities. That includes everything from football to robotics clubs. If students can imagine an activity, they can create it with the support of Purdue Polytechnic High School staff and coaches.

Purdue Polytechnic High School has more than 8 boys’ and girls’ teams that compete with nearby schools. 

Athletic Teams

Boys Teams

Track and Field

Girls Teams

Track and Field

Call out meetings for all athletic teams are held throughout the school year and will be announced through Purdue Polytechnic High School social media channels and its newsletter.


Students have opportunities to sing, perform, govern, and compete in the many clubs Purdue Polytechnic High School offers. Clubs include:

Show choir club
Student government
FIRST Robotics
VEX Robotics
Cooking club
Language and Culture club
Art club
Boxing club
Leather-working club

STORY: Robotics team proves school’s prowess in STEM

It seems only fitting that Purdue Polytechnic High School’s FIRST robotics team is named SuPURDUEper. The team proved to be super-achievers and lived up to the Purdue name entering the state competition in 2019 with the momentum of two district championships and making it all the way to the national tournament.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment for a group of 15 sophomores in their inaugural season of competition. 

The national FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams to design and build robots to complete a task. The task for the 2019 team was to have the robots retrieve balls and carry and place them in a container. Another part of the competition had the robots climbing steps, the latter of which SuPURDUEper excelled. 

Team adviser Andy Mundell and the team garnered the Rookie Inspiration Award during the competition and have a team eager to compete again next year.

“We get the benefit of not losing anyone next year,” Mundell said. “We made the resolution this year to learn as much as we can at state, soak it all in and get back there next year.”