We empower students to have a voice and choice to discover their passion, follow their interests and pursue their own goals.

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS) are free, public charter schools open to all high school students in Indiana. We have no admission requirements or entrance exams. We aspire to create a world of equity, where every student has the opportunity and access to achieve their goals and realize their power to solve the problems they encounter.

What will my student’s experience at PPHS look like?

  • Outside-the-Classroom Learning
    Students think outside the box by learning outside of the traditional classroom. They receive ample hands-on experience with concepts and technologies needed to succeed in a technology-focused economy.
  • Self-Directed Learning
    Students are inspired, motivated, and involved in every aspect of their learning at PPHS, including creating their weekly schedule.
  • College and Career Preparation
    Students prepare for college by taking Purdue University courses and other dual-credit courses. Students who choose a collegebound track participate in ACT and SAT prep and spend time on the Purdue University campus through campus visits.
  • Competency-Focused Education
    Students learn the skills needed in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. They practice and develop skills identified as being critical for success in college and careers in all aspects of the school day and demonstrate mastery of these skills in their projects and coursework.
  • Wellness
    Students focus on their social and emotional wellbeing and have opportunities to take “brain breaks.” In addition to their academic growth, they remain physically active and participate in clubs.

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