We empower students to have a voice and choice to discover their passion, follow their interests and pursue their own goals.

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS) are free, public charter schools open to all high school students in Indiana. We have no admission requirements or entrance exams. We aspire to create a world of equity, where every student has the opportunity and access to achieve their goals and realize their power to solve the problems they encounter. At PPHS, we strive to prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow.

What will my student’s experience at PPHS look like?

Hands-on and Project-based Learning

PPHS students take ownership of their learning with 8-week Passion Projects ranging from “Coral Reefs, Ecosystems, and the Environment” to “Mock Trial” and “E-Sports”.

Holistic Support

Our teachers are called "coaches" who guide our students with culturally responsive practices and personalized learning to ensure that every PPHS student gets the support they need.

Pathway to Purdue

Our partnership with Purdue University means that PPHS students have a unique pathway to acceptance to the majority of Purdue University programs. Students can also earn FREE dual-credit courses from Purdue and Purdue Fort Wayne.

Real-World Experience

We partner with businesses large and small to provide internships, mentorships, pre-professional training opportunities to students to prepare them to succeed in technical, STEM-related post-secondary programs and high-tech careers.

Learn more by visiting our school or spending the day as a Purdue Polytechnic High School #techie.

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