About the Purdue Polytechnic High School

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Create an environment of academic excellence characterized by industry-focused experiential learning; mentors who nurture, guide and trust; and students who develop a natural thirst to learn in preparation for their lifelong journeys.


Develop a new generation of skilled talent by seamlessly transitioning graduates from high school to college to high-tech and/or high-wage jobs. Successful graduates earn admission to Purdue University and will be prepared to thrive.


Build a culture of communication, collaboration and innovation that creates a positive and supportive environment conducive to high academic achievement.

School History

Purdue University, a top public research institution, is committed to student success, changing how classes are taught with greater focus on faculty-student interaction and creative uses of technology. Through the vision of Purdue University, the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, and the City of Indianapolis, Purdue Polytechnic High School opened with the mission to offer the most beneficial educational experience for students who want to pursue high-tech and STEM-related careers.

Community and state support

The Purdue Polytechnic High School Indianapolis was created through the vision of leaders at Purdue University and the City of Indianapolis. That vision was supported by several community and industry partners to make the planned August 2017 opening a reality.

The countless people involved in the planning and logistics of starting a charter school were all focused on one mission: offering the best and most beneficial educational experience for Indianapolis students who want to pursue high-tech and STEM-related careers.