Purdue Polytechnic High Schools Celebrate Selection of LaTrice Crawford, Dannielle Norris and Karen Puffer to the Esteemed Indy Collective Leadership Circle

Indianapolis, IN, August 14, 2023– Indianapolis, IN – Purdue Polytechnic High Schools are thrilled to announce that LaTrice Crawford, Dannielle Norris, and Karen Puffer have been selected to join the inaugural Indy Collective Leadership Circle: A Fellowship for Transformative Leaders.  This illustrious two-year fellowship aims to cultivate strategic equity work within organizations and is dedicated to leaders with a vision for social justice and transformative change.

The fellowship is designed for visionary leaders poised to reshape the leadership landscape through groundbreaking initiatives and a commitment to social justice. The selection of Ms. Puffer, Ms. Norris, and Ms. Crawford into the fellowship is a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment at Purdue Polytechnic High Schools.

LaTrice Crawford, known for her innovative approach to leadership and her commitment to the students and staff, shared, “This fellowship symbolizes a step forward in our continual journey towards fostering educational environments that are reflective of equity, diversity, and inclusion. It’s about co-creating spaces where transformative learning experiences can thrive.”

Dannielle Norris, another influential leader at PPHS, shared, “Being selected for this fellowship is an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive environment. It allows us to continue implementing transformative strategies and practices that benefit our students and the community.”

An ardent advocate for educational equity, Karen Puffer expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Being part of the Indy Collective Leadership Circle is both an honor and a responsibility. It’s an opportunity to deepen our commitment to creating educational spaces where every student feels seen, valued, and capable of achieving their fullest potential.”

PPHS CEO, Dr. Keeanna Warren is immensely proud of their achievements and is optimistic about the positive impact this will bring to our institution. She stated, “LaTrice Crawford, Dannielle Norris, and Karen Puffer embody the essence of transformative and empathetic leadership. Their selection recognizes their steadfast commitment to social justice and their relentless efforts to produce exceptional outcomes for the students and staff they lead. We are excited to see the innovative strategies they will bring back to our schools to further our mission.”

LaTrice Crawford, Dannielle Norris, and Karen Puffer have demonstrated a longstanding track record of producing superior outcomes for their students and staff, setting high standards for educational excellence and inclusive leadership at Purdue Polytechnic High Schools.

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools extends heartfelt congratulations to LaTrice Crawford, Dannielle Norris, and Karen Puffer and looks forward to the transformative impact their participation in the Indy Collective Leadership Circle will have on our community and beyond.

About Purdue Polytechnic High Schools: Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS) is a tuition-free educational institution dedicated to providing students with innovative, project-based learning experiences that prepare them for success in the modern world. Having opened its doors in 2017, the network operates four high schools across the state and accepts all students who are Indiana residents regardless of ability or background. Purdue Polytechnic High Schools is proud to partner with Purdue University to provide a unique pathway for students to the university.