PPHS Students Work Remotely

PPHS students are making the best of working remotely, even if it isn’t easy! 


A group of PPHS students have been working hard on a solar panel passion project. They had just hit their stride with physically building their design when our school building was abruptly closed and their very hands-on project needed to go virtual. Working remotely has it’s challenges for even the most experienced teams, so the PPHS Solar Panel team knew they had their work cut out for them. 


Ultimately, hard-work, group chemistry, and innovation have been the keys to their continued success. The group of four students all have their own roles to play within the group and holding themselves and their teammates accountable has been second-nature to students who are used to managing their schedules in a dynamic environment.  


Thankfully, the group’s solar panel specialist was able to do a lot of first-hand research from home, thanks to her neighbor installing their own solar panels! Our technical expert has used TinkerCAD to experiment with their electronic components without having to physically have them in hand. One group member even built a prototype himself in his own home. This, of course, couldn’t be done without the project management skills of their fourth group member. When asked about the secret to their continued success they said that their group trusting each other and each having their own individual responsibilities within the team framework made everything work smoothly! 


Eventually, the solar panel project will be able to display a hologram in the entrance of our new building, but until then, our Techies will continue to find innovative ways to make our new digital reality work for them.