Purdue university summer start program 

PPHS students who meet minimum requirements can earn Purdue college credits and experience life on campus FREE of charge. Students will take college courses with Purdue students and faculty. Enrollment for the program opens soon. Please email for more information or visit the Summer Start page to learn more! 

Discover stories about PPHS alums who are enrolled at Purdue University!

Case Study: College-School Partnerships

  (Photo: Purdue University)

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Students from low-income families, first-generation college families, and underrepresented minority groups are finding academic success from high schools that are partnering with colleges.

Project-management for the Brain: Teaching Executive Functioning Skills for Students

PPHS projects required Eric to show mastery of physics, math and design. He also applied higher-order thinking skills, such as creativity, evaluation, and critical thinking (Photo courtesy of Purdue University).   (Photo: Purdue University)

Purdue Polytechnic High School allows students to pitch ideas for clubs and classes. Raina (left) created an environmental club that could eventually become part of the curriculum

Rethinking High School: Upending Traditional Subject Structure in Indiana

Indianapolis, IN — Raina’s ninth grade schedule at Purdue Polytechnic High School looked nothing like that of a typical high school student. Unlike most teens, she never attended single-subject, 50-minute periods like math, English and social studies. No bells rang when class was over. Instead, interdisciplinary projects and personalized learning are key at this XQ school in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read more.

PPHS Coaches win national game show. (Photo credit:

Indianapolis teachers won national game show, patent-pending with toy manufacturer

On the season finale of PBS’ Make48,The Mallorys worked on a new prototype of their national competition-winning game that brought home $10,000 and the Kid’s Choice Award. 

Don’t Wet Your Pants was created last spring after the team of Purdue Polytechnic High School teachers advanced from Indianapolis’ regional competition to nationals. Read more. 


PPHS named as semifinalist in Yass Prize competition

PPHS named semifinalist in $1 Million Yass Prize competition

NEW YORK – October 13, 2022 – Leaders from 32 of the nation’s most exceptional educational organizations in the nation across twenty states learned today they were semifinalists for this year’s prestigious Yass Prize for Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless Education, which comes with a $1 million grand prize. Read more.