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This is a place for faculty, students, and teachers to share their experiences, advice, and more. Our school is an exceptional place filled with unique individuals who have a wealth of stories and expertise to provide. We’re looking forward to sharing more information from inside PPHS with all of you!

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by PPHS Student Sarah Winters

Published January 22, 2021 - Tags:
Trunk full of groceries

At PPHS, we believe that we aren’t just a place for students to learn, but a part of the community we serve.

Published December 18, 2020 - Tags: SLD
student doing podcast

We are so excited to share the PPHS unfiltered podcast with our community! These episodes include interviews with students, Dean Bertoline and PPHS staff.

Check them out below!

Published December 4, 2020 - Tags: Podcast

by PPHS Coach Jonathan Watson 

Published October 5, 2020 - Tags:

Dean Gary Bertoline shares his thought on the school system as a whole and goes into detail about his school experience, which inspired him to create Purdue Polytechnic High School.

Published August 31, 2020 - Tags: Podcasts