Purdue Polytechnic High School gets boost from The Mind Trust

The Purdue Polytechnic High School is one of two new charter schools in Indianapolis that recently received fellowships from The Mind Trust. The Indianapolis-based nonprofit offers grants and support to new charter schools.

The high school will be led by Shatoya Jordan and Scott Bess. Both leaders come from the Excel Centers, a network of charter high schools for adults. Bess told Chalkbeat the new school plans on serving not only top-performing students with an interest in science but also teens who might not be prepared to attend Purdue if they went to a traditional high school.

“We are really targeting those students who might be in that middle range, who today are not thinking about going to college or maybe aren’t being prepared to go to college,” he said. “That can actually move the needle on increasing diversity, increasing the number of students going on to college.”

Read Chalkbeat’s full story on the fellowships.


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