Keeanna Warren Announced as Purdue Polytechnic High School Network Assistant Executive Director

PPHS North principal to guide student services, curriculum development, more in Indiana-based public charter school network


The Purdue Polytechnic High School Network is excited to announce that Keeanna Warren, the founding principal of Purdue Polytechnic High School Indianapolis North has accepted the new role of Associate Executive Director of the Purdue Polytechnic High School Network. 


Warren, who opened the PPHS North campus as founding principal in 2019, is excited to bring her years of educational leadership experience to this new role within the organization.  As a part of the PPHS family since 2017, Warren is grateful for the opportunity to impact the direction of the school network and continue her work to make PPHS a school system that intentionally prepares students for the future of work, particularly those who have been left behind by traditional education systems. “We want our students to be prepared with a 21st-century skill set so they are able to compete globally. We want them to be really excited and to help grow Indiana’s economy,” Warren says. “Education, as it is now, was created to help students prepare for the Industrial Revolution. We are in a new era, and we need schools to match that.”


Current Executive Director of the PPHS Network, Scott Bess shares, “I’m honored to have Keeanna join me in this role. Her experience as a school leader within the PPHS model combined with her demonstrated leadership ability gives her the perfect skill set for our next phase of growth. She will be a key factor in our quest to provide equitable and hands-on education across Indiana.”


A previous MindTrust fellow and 2019 Women in Hi-Tech STEM Educator of the Year award winner, Warren has already left an impact on the Indianapolis community and looks forward to the opportunity to continue to influence and support the combined PPHS and Purdue University mission and vision of creating opportunities for students from underserved communities to have the hands-on, contextualized educational experience that will prepare them for college or a rewarding career after graduation.


The role of Associate Executive Director is a newly created role within the PPHS Network and Warren is excited to make it her own, “I’m so grateful for this opportunity and the trust that the PPHS team, Purdue University, and our board have placed in me,” says Warren, “This role provides the incredible opportunity to work closely with many different departments across the PPHS Network. I’m excited to serve as a resource and a guide to ensuring that we are continuing to do what’s best for our students, community members, and staff.”   


The responsibilities of this new role include supporting operations of the current PPHS campuses in Englewood, Broad Ripple, and South Bend, as well as overseeing various operations of the PPHS Network including student services and curriculum development. 


While this position was effective at the beginning of the school year, Warren will continue to support the onboarding of the new principal of PPHS North, Ronni Moore. Moore had previously served as both Assistant Principal and College and Career Manager at PPHS North. “I am confident our students are in the very best of hands with their new principal, Ronni Moore.” Warren shares, “Principal Moore’s commitment to creating a positive school culture of belonging and academic excellence where all students and staff are empowered and valued will serve the PPHS North community well.” 


The entire PPHS Network and community congratulate Keeanna Warren on this exciting new role. We look forward to seeing the impact she will undoubtedly have on our continued growth and success. 



Charli Renckly-DeWhitt

Marketing & Communications