Where Do We Stand?

student with teacher

Where Do We Stand?

by Coach DeMeita Vincent

Culture is both inward and outward. It is defined by the things that we see, hear and experience. Culture can also be our mindset. What is your culture?


Great historical figures like Malcom X, Cesar Chavez and Chief Joseph fought for the rights of people in the past. That was their culture. Everyone felt empowered to be bold and to be proud of who they were. What culture do today’s young men and young women bring to the table? Is it a sense of pride or a sense of empowerment? Is it a desire to bring about change?


As educators, we need to first feel comfortable in our skin and then teach students to do the same. That comfort is enrobed in collective bargaining, lending a hand to those in need and never allowing anyone to avoid the tasks at hand. These skills are not innate to all students due to their upbringing and due to all of the distractions of life. Since students spend the bulk of their time at school, educated women and educated men have to cast their biases aside and help youth find the “right” culture. 


Once educators buy into this idea and help make them a reality, we all then reap the benefits of having an intelligent, organized and cultured society. Malcolm X, Cesar Chavez and Chief Joseph fought for what they believed in; equal rights and fair treatment of all. In comparison, students fight as well for causes they believe in and causes that they think that they believe in. 


Education leads to empowerment. Empowerment leads to freedom. All of these shape culture. Are we helping students develop a poor sense of culture or a healthy sense of culture?



Published on 2/7/2020