Interview with a PPHS Intern

PPHS Intern Hands on Laptop

An Interview with Mari Watts

PPHS Indianapolis North

At PPHS, we are big believers in the power of hands-on, authentic learning to prepare our students for the future, and what better way to get experience than an internship! We were thrilled to be able to offer two PPHS students the opportunity to intern with one of our favorite partners, Woodard, Ermhart, Henry, Reeves, and Wagner Patent and Trademark Law Firm. Our PPHS interns had the opportunity to get hands-on experience over the summer and had a great time doing it! Mari Watts, a student at PPHS North, was excited to share her reflections on her time as an intern. 

When Watts first joined the firm, located in Salesforce tower, she was wowed by the amazing view of the city and how supportive everyone was. Her initial responsibilities included filing and inventory, but by the end of the summer, she was even helping with some copyright work. 

Watts was initially surprised by the warm welcome and supportive environment, “I feel like the misconception is that lawyers are arrogant or egotistical,” she shared, “I was initially expecting that they would look down on us or treat us like kids, but that didn’t happen at all! We were so supported and everyone was excited to teach us and help us out!” 

When asked if she would recommend the PPHS internship program to another student her answer was an enthusiastic yes!  Her advice for any future interns? “If you are willing to learn, people are willing to teach! You have to be eager and take initiative - businesses love that!”

We know the skills and experiences our student interns gain are invaluable and they plan for their next steps after graduation and we are so grateful to our partners for their support of Mari this summer. If you or someone you know, might be interested in hosting a PPHS intern please contact Kim Reierat


Published on 9/13/2021