As a fully accredited tuition-free public charter high school, authorized by the Indianapolis Charter School Board, PPHS is in full compliance with the State’s requirements for student recruitment. PPHS provides open enrollment for all high school students who wish to attend the school. Admission to the school will not be limited based on intellectual ability or prior academic performance, disability, race, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor that may be considered unlawful. Admissions policies will comply with all applicable state and federal laws.

Any interested student or his/her family will be invited to submit an enrollment application to the school until a set deadline date. All scholars who complete and submit a timely enrollment application will be enrolled in the school. Starting with the 2018-19 school year, Purdue Polytechnic High School is using Enroll Indy’s OneMatch system to manage its enrollment process.

Enroll Indy will manage a lottery to match students to seats at PPHS if there are more applications than there are seats. Through Enroll Indy, students are matched to schools based on three things: 1) The student’s preferred schools; 2) The student’s priorities in a school’s enrollment policy (for example: siblings and geography); 3) The student’s random lottery number.

Per Enroll Indy’s policies and procedures, schools are allowed to designate lottery priorities. PPHS gives priority status to:

  1. In District: “Applicants living within the IPS district.”
  2. Siblings: “Applicants who have a sibling currently attending a school in a non-terminating

grade will receive priority. Siblings are defined as students residing in the same household and/or students sharing the same parent/guardian. Students in terminating grades (i.e., an 8th grader in a K-8 school) do NOT earn sibling priority for younger siblings. The intention of sibling priority is to keep families together when possible.”

Once a student is enrolled in the school, the student will be afforded the opportunity to attend the school in successive years without having to re-apply or partake in a lottery process.

PPHS also complies with all Child Find regulations.

PPHS also complies with (Ind. Code § 20-24-5-5) and will work with Enroll Indy to ensure the limit of founder, school board member and employee student preference does not exceed 10% of the school’s total population.