We often receive questions on how students will learn and what a typical day of instructional activities at Purdue Polytechnic High School will look like. Our curriculum is built on evidence-based best practices focused on integration of core academic subjects with STEM topics. Students will have a personal learning coach (teacher) and are assigned to an advisory group of 15-17 students with whom they will start and end their days. Students will receive instruction only on what they need and when they need it. Projects will require skill attainment from multiple subject areas and are designed together by industry partners and teachers. Our curriculum requires students to apply the knowledge they learn. Below is a visual of Purdue Polytechnic High School's collaborative and individual work spaces designed to support the range of daily learning activities and approaches to instruction.


  1. Personalized Learning Community: Develop and practice teamwork and employability skills. Teachers track competency levels, academic needs, and individual progress, and develop daily and weekly plans to reach academic and project plan goals.
  2. Dojo: Hands-on, minds-on learning experiences. Teachers focus on 2-3 key standards to drive mastery of competency.
  3. Pop-Out: Enhance personal interests or project work at workshops.
  4. Collaborative Group: Discuss and give feedback with other students on individual work and projects.
  5. Cross-Functional Team: Work on school, community or industry projects with other students and teachers.
Day in the Life


  1. Makerspace & Skills Lab: Work on prototypes and practice on skills trainers (examples electrical circuit trainer, CAD, welding) with guidance by teachers.