Uniform Policy

Dress Code Philosophy

Purdue Polytechnic High School’s uniform requirements are intended to foster community through reducing socio-economic differences and ensuring safety. Our students should be judged on the merits of their actions, not on the labels or expense of their clothing. PPHSI students will be interacting with numerous professionals and community members; keeping our students safe is our top priority.

Furthermore, PPHSI will consistently drive towards excellence and innovation through all of our actions. By reducing the focus on what we wear, we can put our energy into what we create and accomplish together. Therefore, students are expected to be in uniform at all times during school.

Vendor Information

PPHSI branded apparel will be purchased through a vendor. Vendor information will be mailed to students and families this spring.  All other apparel and accessories may be purchased elsewhere provided they meet the requirements listed below. For any questions or concerns, please contact PPHSI staff.

Dress Code Policy

Students are not allowed to:

  • Modify, embellish, or deface (including writing on) their uniform in any way
  • Wear chains, spiked jewelry, or jewelry/accessories that represent violence in any manner
  • Wear sunglasses in the school building.
  • Wear slide-on sandals, flip-flops, slippers, or excessively high heel

Purdue Polytechnic High School reserves the right at any time to deem as inappropriate any clothing, accessories, or hair styling as it sees fit.


PPHS branded shirt or outerwear
Khakis, Jeans, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, or Capris
May not sag or be excessively loose, tight, and/or short (fingertips)
Must be intact and clean, not ripped


Must be business or business casual attire


Students will not be permitted to school without proper attire. Students out of uniform will be provided with a temporary loaner that must be returned at the end of the day.


  • Must be student’s own Purdue Polytechnic High School -issued photo ID card in plastic case
  • Must be worn visibly above and outside of all clothing at all times during the school day
  • May not be defaced, broken, or obscured in any way of
    • Such ID cards are treated as missing and must be replaced immediately
    • Students will be issued one free ID card per school year Replacement ID cards must be purchased for $5
    • If ID cards are forgotten, students are to communicate with the front office for a temporary solution